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Newlywed George Clooney Gets Back to Work On the Set of Sci-fi Mystery Tomorrowland in Canada

He tied the knot with human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin in a lavish Italian ceremony on September 27. And three weeks after his wedding, George Clooney was back at work filming scenes for his upcomi [...]

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John Cusack

John Cusack Blasts Hollywood Studio System, Ageism

The star goes off on the town he describes as "ripe with frontier crazies" and "a whorehouse". “It’s a whorehouse, and people go mad,” said John Cusack in describing present-day Hollywood in an [...]

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Robert Duvall

Acting Tips From Robert Duvall’s SXSW Panel

AUSTIN, TX: Robert Duvall, as you might expect, is a man of few words. He’s in Austin this week for the North American premiere of A Night in Old Mexico, a film that his Lonesome Dove screenwriter W [...]

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moose sniffing man

Deer, Dogs and Humans Equal To Togetherness

They can't have my apple. OK, I'm curious. Oh, you're not like the thing I just sniffed. What are you. Mom's going to be mad, but I would like to stay. Oh, yes! I know mother-l [...]

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Bill Cosby at 83

Life isn't tied with a bow, but it's still a gift. And life isn't fair, but it's good!! I'm 83. Except for brief period in the 50s when I was doing my National Service, I've worked hard since I w [...]

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26 Of The Most Adorable Celebrity Babies

Mommy: Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi Daddy: Jionni LaValle If Snooki's daughter comes out even half as a cute as Lorenzo, then she will have the cutest kids on the planet. Hands down. Mommy: Shakir [...]

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The Birth of Storytelling

The first story I remember was told to me by my grandparents. The story took place in the middle of the second world war, my grandpa Odd, a slim and wiry Norwegian tug boat captain in Oslo, had provok [...]

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20 Quotes That Prove Emma Watson Is One Of The Most Inspirational Women Ever

Emma Watson is a beautiful, feminist powerhouse. Her days of playing Hermione Granger are long over. Okay, not really that long, since no one is letting go of Harry Potter any time soon. But Emm [...]

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Canadians Twice As Likely As Americans to Guard Against Spoilers

Sorry about that spoiler, eh? According to a study conducted by Netflix, Canadians are characteristically polite about trying to avoid spoiling a TV show for their friends and family. But most say t [...]

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Drones Are Coming To Hollywood: FAA Set To Announce Approval For Use In Filming

The FAA will approve Hollywood’s request to use drones for filming, government and industry sources familiar with the process have told Forbes. On Thursday afternoon the FAA will announce its decisi [...]

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