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Morgan Freeman Discusses the Craft of Acting

Actor Morgan Freeman and director Ed Zwick at the AFI campus discussing the film GLORY with AFI Fellows in April 2011. In this clip Freeman discusses the craft of acting and how good actors must "be t [...]

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Robert De Niro – One Minute of Brilliant Acting Advice

Robert De Niro's acting advice. Watch the video below... :)

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What Disney Princesses Look Like In Real Life

View Disney Princesses and the voice actors who play them!

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We gave a professional drone operator a new Moto X. This was the 4K goodness that happened next.

We’ve always loved the fact that our users can use their Moto X (2nd Gen.) to capture memories in Ultra HD (4K). But how could we take a step further and capture some sweet footage? Attach the phone [...]

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slow motion effects

2014: How We Used Slow Motion

Slow motion can be a timelessly effective movie technique. Do you agree?

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Color Reel – The House On Pine Street

Color Reel - The House On Pine Street from GradeKC on Vimeo.

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prom celebrities rihanna

No Celebrity Is Immune to the Awkward High School Prom Picture

Rhianna                     Taylor Swift               [...]

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The History of the Camera [Infographic]

It’s incredible how far photographic technology has since 1826, when it took several days to produce an image, as opposed to today when we have the power to film entire movies sitting in our pockets [...]

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Khan Bonfils Dead: ‘Star Wars’ And ‘James Bond’ Actor Collapses And Dies During Theatre Rehearsal

Khan Bonfils, who appeared in ‘Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace’ has died after collapsing during a theatre rehearsal. The British actor, who was also known as Kan, was rehearsing for ‘D [...]

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Back to the Future: How Science Fiction Envisioned 2015

Science fiction has a rich tradition, and while it's usually a vehicle to warn us about the potentially dark consequences of our technology fetish, it also presents an opportunity to imagine what's a [...]

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