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Biggest Celebrity Breakups Of 2014


Chris Rock

Take your worst relationships and add some spotlight and you've almost got a celebrity breakup, it's not all champagne and first class when you're a celeb in the dating world. From 4 month flings to 2 [...]

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Top 10 Sibling Hollywood Actors and Actresses



For these talented men and women, acting just seems to run in the family. Who are your most favorite sibling actors and actresses? See the video below:

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7 Audition Tips for Babies and Toddlers


chidl actor

Hey, baby! Yeah, you! I’m talking to you with the chubby cheeks and the bright eyes and the dazzling, toothless smile that makes everyone say “Awwww!” when they meet you! How would like to be in [...]

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Justin Bieber Is the Latest Man to Disastrously Dye His Hair White


Justin Bieber greets his fans

So, Justin Bieber dyed his hair blonde. Like whack ass bleached blonde.                         [...]

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Character Actor Eddie Rouse Dies at 60



Eddie Rouse, a versatile character actor who stood out in such films as American Gangster, The Number 23 and Pandorum, has died. He was 60. Rouse, who just weeks ago filmed the pilot for the HBO [...]

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Isolated, Unedited Vocals Of Mariah Carey’s Awful Holiday Performance


Mariah Carey

Remember when Mariah Carey could sing? Most millennials probably can't. "All I Want For Christmas Is You," she sings, but we'd suggest adding "a new voice" to her letter for Santa. Only Rep. Peter Ki [...]

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