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10 Big Broadway Disasters



It’s a not-so-hidden secret that there are hundreds of surprising stories lurking beneath every board on Broadway. Luckily, there’s at least one guy out there who’s willing to spill. Sirius XM [...]

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6 Things to Consider When Asked to Do a Nude Scene



At some point in an actor’s career, a proposition to do the infamous “nude scene” will appear and a constant back and forth between agent, actor, casting director, etc. ensues. Regardless if you [...]

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11 Celebrities’ Famous Last Words


celebrity famous last words

Dying never sounded so good. Learn about the last words of some of history's notable characters, and the context surrounding them. “One Last Drink, Please.”Source: youtube.comJack Daniel (1850 [...]

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11 Beyonce-isms We Didn’t Have This Time Last Year


bowdown beyonce

The woman who made phrases like "put a ring on it" and "to the left, to the left" part of our vocabulary also revolutionized our lingo when she released her self-titled album, Beyonce, this past Dece [...]

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4 Ways to Bounce Back From Negative Press



Being in entertainment, you are probably familiar with the constant wave of negativity. Whether it’s from a botched audition or being a little short with next month’s rent, the daily negativity ca [...]

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Rachel McAdams Talks Career, Life, & Her Bucketlist

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