‘Game of Thrones’ Star Maisie Williams Takes Aim at British Airways

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TORONTO — It looks like British Airways has been added to Arya Stark’s list of targets.

Maisie Williams, the actress who plays the vengeful daughter of the late Eddard Stark on Game of Thrones, took swipes at the airline over the weekend for kicking her out of an airport lounge.

“Denied from the business lounge once again for being under 18 and without an adult,” she tweeted Saturday. “@BritishAirways sort your s*** out.”

The airline prohibits passengers under 18 from using the lounge unless accompanied by an adult.
Williams, 17, said she doesn’t expect special treatment.

“Just saying if 16-18 yr olds are grown up enough to travel 5,400 miles around the world I’m sure we can handle sitting quietly in the damn lounge,” she tweeted.

Reactions on social media were mostly sympathetic, with some fans suggesting she draw her sword.

Among those coming to her defence was singer Ed Sheeran, who tweeted: “Ah British airways. You failed again.”

The airline responded by tweeting to Williams: “We’re sorry if you were disappointed, lounge guests must be 18 or older. We look forward to welcoming you soon.”

Williams replied: “Fully understand that, my question is why? Why can we travel alone but not use the lounge? It makes no sense.”

The actress appears to be putting the incident behind her.

[Source: www.globalnews.ca]

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