Justin Bieber Is the Latest Man to Disastrously Dye His Hair White

Justin Bieber greets his fans

So, Justin Bieber dyed his hair blonde.

Like whack ass bleached blonde.

Justin Bieber

Whatever, it is what it is.

Justin Bieber Blonde

But what’s most important here is that Bieber should have learned FROM HISTORY that bleached blonde hair is a male beauty DON’T!

It was not successful for Eminem.

Eminem blonde

It was not successful for Vanilla Ice.

Vanilla Ice

It was not successful for Brad Pitt even.

brad pitt hairstyles

Actually, we take that back. Brad Pitt was looking FIRE with that hair.

David Beckham

David Beckham’s blonde hair was the ONLY time David ever looked low-key crazy.

Source: www.hollyscoop.com

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