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Morgan Freeman Discusses the Craft of Acting

Actor Morgan Freeman and director Ed Zwick at the AFI campus discussing the film GLORY with AFI Fellows in April 2011. In this clip Freeman discusses the craft of acting and how good actors must "be t [...]

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6 Things to Consider When Asked to Do a Nude Scene

At some point in an actor’s career, a proposition to do the infamous “nude scene” will appear and a constant back and forth between agent, actor, casting director, etc. ensues. Regardless if you [...]

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Robert Duvall

Acting Tips From Robert Duvall’s SXSW Panel

AUSTIN, TX: Robert Duvall, as you might expect, is a man of few words. He’s in Austin this week for the North American premiere of A Night in Old Mexico, a film that his Lonesome Dove screenwriter W [...]

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